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Hernia NJ

As Highland Park Surgical Affiliates broadens its services offered, as well as expands it’s office locations, we have found a name which matches that direction, The Surgical Affiliates of New Jersey.  The Surgical Affiliates of New Jersey, will continue to provide the same level of care, Highland Park Surgical Affiliates has, just under a new and more encompassing name and brand. The Surgical Affiliates of New Jersey provide compassionate surgical care tailored to suit each patient’s needs.  Dr.’s Curtiss, Rosen, and Tutela  offer a streamlined approach to a wide array of General and Vascular Surgical Services.  Offering laparoscopic and robotic surgery, endovascular intervention, as well as comprehensive medical and cosmetic vein care, The Surgical Affiliates of NJ, Hernia NJoffer the most effective state of the art, minimally invasive technology to their patients.  The majority of procedures are performed at our partnered hospitals, Robert Wood Johnson-Barnabas Health and St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick as well as at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold.

New Jersey General and Vascular Surgeons

While most outpatient procedures include, gall bladder, hernia and endovascular procedures, Dr. Tutela is now offering outpatient LINX to chronic GERD sufferers.  Inpatient procedures include colon surgery, complex gall bladder and hernias (including Abdominal Wall Reconstruction), endovascular and complex vascular aneurysm, peripheral vascular and carotid artery interventions.  Relied on by the community, they also offer acute care surgical services for patients in need of urgent surgical care.  In addition, their North Brunswick location offers both ambulatory surgical services as well as office based interventions.  All comprehensive medical and cosmetic vein care is conveniently and safely, performed in North Brunswick.

The majority of vascular access procedures are performed in North Brunswick  along with minor surgical procedures.  With the majority of their patients from Princeton, Hopewell, West Windsor, Hamilton, Robbinsville, Lawrence, North Brunswick, East Brunswick, South Brunswick, New Brunswick, Old Bridge, Freehold, Marlboro, Monroe, Edison, Metuchen, Highland Park, Hillsborough, Bridgewater and Somerset. They offer 4  convenient office locations, in Highland Park, East Brunswick , North Brunswick and Freehold.

Hernia Care

Hernia NJOur surgeons provide service excellence by taking a holistic approach to a common disorder. By integrating evidence based medicine with best surgical practices, our surgeons offer high quality Hernia Care, tailored to each patient. By utilizing tension-free and minimally invasive techniques, our patients return to their activities of daily living soon and are left with a durable repair tailored to each patient.

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New Jersey LINXReflux Care

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD affects nearly 1 in 3 people throughout their lifetime. The majority of people suffering from GERD manage this disease ineffectively with medications like proton pump inhibitors. Increasingly these medications are being found to have drastic side-effects and may even stop working. Along with your gastroenterologist, primary care or ENT physician we work closely to coordinating the care of patients suffering from GERD. In some circumstances, a large hiatal hernia is associated with GERD.
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Dr. Tutela is now offering LINX as a permanent solution for reflux sufferers.  LINX is a lower esophageal sphincter augmentationNew Jersey LINX Surgeons device. LINX stops GERD at the source Returns the Lower esophageal sphincter toward normal conditions. Allows the body to work in a more natural state advantage keeps the stomach in a natural state Reduces gas and bloating Preserves your ability to belch and vomit Same day procedure and home on a normal diet.

Dr. Tutela is one of a few surgeons in New Jersey who offer LINX as an option for GERD.  Dr Tutela and The Surgical Affiliates of NJ provide free GERD screening and will be happy to guide you on your way to a more definitive long term option for treating your reflux.  We have three convenient locations in Highland Park, East Brunswick, North Brunswick and Freehold.  We perform procedures in New Brunswick at Robert Wood Johnson-Barnabas Health, Saint Peter’s University Hospital and CentraState Medical Center in Freehold.

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Gall Stones and Gall Bladder Disease

New Jersey Gall Stones and Gall Bladder DiseaseGallstones and the diseases which are caused by them, are the most common general surgical problem, the surgeons of The Surgical Affiliates of NJ treat. While not all gall stones cause problems, those that do should undergo prompt surgical evaluation.
Gall stones most commonly form from precipitation of cholesterol in bile. Bile is created and drains into a pipe or duct which passes from the liver into the gut. When we are in a fasting state the body closes the gate on pipe and bile backs up and is stored in the Gall Bladder. In the Gall bladder the bile sits and concentrates while awaiting stimulation from a meal. During this time the cholesterol precipitates out.

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Vein & Wellness Center of NJ

Vein and Wellness Center of NJ provides comprehensive medical and cosmetic vein care in New Jersey.  The philosophy provided by the center is one of compassion and expertise to treat and relieve patients of their symptoms.  Dr.’s Curtiss also provides cosmetic treatment.

More than 100 million people in the United States have problems with their veins.  Veins function to return blood to the heart.  Many people with varicose vein seek treatment for relieve pain and heaviness and also to improve the visibility of their legs.

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Acute Care Surgery

Acute Care Surgery revolves around the specialized treatment of specific surgical diseases and the surrounding consequences induced on the body by those diseases. Often worsened by pre-existing conditions, the care given to patients suffering from these processes starts by trying to improve the state the body is in prior to embarking on the surgical procedure. Sometimes interval procedures may be required in order to complete the task at hand.

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Colon Disease

Benign and Malignant diseases are what most separate the causes of Colon disease.  Diverticulitis and Colon Cancer are the two most common disease processes which lead to surgical intervention. The Surgical Affiliates of NJ(HPSA) have been in the practice of colon resection for over 40 years.  A trusted resource to their Ever-Expanding Community, your HPSA surgeon are there to care for your needs.

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Geriatric and Palliative Surgery

With our aging population, it has become increasingly important to focus as much on the non-surgical disease processes our geriatric and ailing patients have, as it is to focus on the surgical diseases themselves. As a patient of The Surgical Affiliates of NJ you will be comforted to find the goal of their care is to guide you through the preoperative, operative and postoperative process with ease and understanding.

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